Biscaya Trip 2023:

Leaving Kiel End of April via Kiel Canal, passing the coast of Netherland, Belium and France;
from France passing the Biscay to Galicia, North-Westspain,
along the Spanish north coast to east, propably east to Santander,
passing again the Biscay to La Rochelle.
Exploring South Brittany and Rounding it up to St. Malo.
From End of  August the way home back to Kiel.
Selection of ports along the tour according whether situation
The Crew is changing, timewise from my friends sailing usually every Wednesday with me, but also friends and family

Positioning and short notes from aboard in German language are to be found here: 
German Trans-Ocean Society;  Fleetwood´s-Sub Page

On this page I´m publishing essais from the trip in chapters!
The Originals are in German - translation may be a bit bad...

Essay #1: from Kiel to Cherbourg

Essay #2: Biscay Crossing

Essay #3: Galicia culinary

Essay #4: Locally traveling Galicia

Essay #5: A Coruna- North Coast of Spain to La Rochelle, France

Essay #6: La Rochelle to Lorient, alone on board

Essay #7: Family vacation from Lorient to Saint Malo

Essay #8: from Saint Malo via Solent and Holland back home


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